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Fifty and Change

Fifty and Change Wellness Programs for Menopausal Women

Seeking Balance?

Fifty and Change is a functional medicine program for women fifty and older who are going through “The Change”. It is also designed for post-menopausal women to treat menopausal symptoms as well as the prevention and treatment of osteopenia and osteoporosis. The program emphasizes nutrition, lifestyle and supplementation as well as eliminating the triggers of disease, in order to help women find balance in their lives.  


When indicated, we also offer bio-identical hormone replacement therapy to our patients. Our program provides in-house bone density testing and body composition testing so that we can monitor our clients' progress.

Functional Medicine Consults for Post-Menopausal Women


"Dr. Cohen is a miracle worker! He not only helped me with my Osteopenia, but improved my outlook on life. I am stronger, healthier and happier because of him. I now have a healthy lifestyle, and my entire family is so thankful for the positive changes that have affected not only my life, but their lives too!"

- Johanna


Menopause Wellness Program

Our programs are tailored for your optimal wellness and may include treatments such as: Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, nutritional support, exercise program, referrals to our trusted partners, and Functional Medicine supplements.

Physical and Mental Changes

Common physical and mental changes can take the form of: mood changes, changes in weight and body composition, hot flashes, and pain and inflammation.

Osteopenia and Osteoporosis

You can take action to prevent Osteopenia and Osteoporosis. Our program focuses on the prevention and treatment of these conditions by implementing lifestyle changes to help keep your bones strong.

Pain, Inflammation & Autoimmune Conditions

We also address the development of existing and new disorders that can arise from Menopause, such as Insomnia and Autoimmune Conditions.


Start today to reach your goals.

Book a Consultation

30-Minute Phone Intake Appointment

With Amy, RN (30 Minutes)

Discuss your medical history and wellness goals with our nurse, Amy.

She will fill out your intake paperwork for Dr. Cohen to review, go over program details,

and address your questions and concerns. 

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